Important information for TrunkTracking EDACS with your BC245XLT / PRO-94 / PRO-2052


EDACS talkgroups are carefully planned when the system is being set up. They are organized into an outline structure, with AGENCIES being the major groups, and FLEETS being the sub-groups. The very FIRST talkgroup in each level is reserved by EDACS for a very special purpose.

(1) SYSTEM ALL-CALL -- The very first talkgroup in the whole SYSTEM is always 00-000. Any transmission on that talkgroup will be heard by EVERY RADIO IN THE SYSTEM.
(2) AGENCY ALL-CALL -- The first talkgroup in each AGENCY transmits to every radio in that Agency.
(3) FLEET ALL-CALL -- The first talkgroup in a FLEET calls every radio in that Fleet.

It seems strange, but we DON'T LIST these unique talkgroup codes in the EDACS GUIDE. Why? Because they are SO SPECIAL that they are almost NEVER USED. Because they LOOK so special, users may think that they can store them to hear everything. In fact they will hear almost nothing. To help prevent this mistake, we have changed the way we show them. We now show them in RED, without the talkgroup number. Agencies are shown with " = = = " and Fleets are shown with " - - - ". This format lets you clearly see the logical outline structure of the system without being distracted by codes you may not want to use. (Of course these special talkgroups ARE used in some systems, and in some situations, so you can program them as desired. Although the talkgroup listings don't currently show the values you should be easily able to figure them out from context.)

      ORIGINAL FORMAT                                NEW FORMAT

   01-000==SHERIFF AGENCY                    ========SHERIFF=================
   01-010---PATROL FLEET                     ---------PATROL
   01-011    North                           01-011    North
   01-012    Central                         01-012    Central
   01-013    South                           01-013    South
   01-020---INVESTIG FLEET                   ---------INVESTIG
   01-021    CID                             01-021    CID
   01-022    Homicide                        01-022    Homicide
   01-023    SID                             01-023    SID
   01-030---TAC FLEET                        ---------TAC
   01-031    North                           01-031    North
   01-032    Central                         01-032    Central
   01-033    South                           01-033    South
   03-000==FIRE/EMS AGENCY                   ========FIRE/EMS================
   03-010---FIRE FLEET                       ---------FIRE
   03-011    Dispatch                        03-011    Dispatch
   03-012    North                           03-012    North
   03-013    Central                         03-013    Central
   03-014    South                           03-014    South
   03-020---EMS FLEET                        ---------EMS
   03-021    Dispatch                        03-021    Dispatch
   03-022    North                           03-022    North
   03-023    Central                         03-023    Central

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EDACS stands for "Enhanced Digital Access Communications System", and is a registered trademark of Ericcson Corporation.